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SaaS development has become one of the most successful business tactics for the new software product launch. Its popularity is growing extremely fast along with the number of advantages to be chosen for. Whenever your company comes up with a new idea of developing the software, the Saas application development will be the best option so far. 

Thanks to the internet, SaaS is available to users anywhere in the world and from every device, as you can see in the example of SaaS apps such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Box.

What is a SaaS app

Software as a Service is a model of using business applications in the format of Internet services.

SaaS applications work on the server of a SaaS provider, and users access them through an Internet browser. A user does not buy a SaaS application, but rents it, paying a certain amount per month for its use. Thus, the economic effect is achieved, which is considered one of the main advantages of SaaS.

The main industries of SaaS development in 2020:

– Marketing – 38,6%
– Business operation – 15%
– Management – 12%
– CRM – 8%
– DATA – 6%
– Loyalty – 1.6%
– eCommerce – 1.3%
– Other – 18%

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Saas development company

TAGsoft web development team has extensive experience in building multi-user SaaS solutions that are highly scalable. We develop applications for customers all around the world. TAGsoft is proficient in the technologies needed for a SaaS development solution for your business, and we have a good understanding of what real-world challenges need. We build only well-organized and configurable software. Your end-users can access this software from anywhere with only a few clicks. And you can start saving on hardware, servers, and in-house IT specialists without compromising on user experience and functionality just by choosing our saas development company.

SaaS software development

We provide consulting, technology services and partial works. The focus is on building a product solution while you focus on making the business work. We start our work from the idea and make it a reality. We rely on advanced, powerful technology to achieve effective results.

With years of SaaS software development experience, we advise our clients which technologies can positively impact their business, such as:

  1. CRM/ERP systems
  2. CMS systems
  3. Inventory management
  4. E-commerce;
  5. HRM systems;
  6. Payment system.
  7. Management software
  8. Service desk management
  9. Messaging software
  10. Accounting
  11. Invoicing

Saas software development

We can design and fully develop b2b and b2c SaaS services. It refers to companies whose products are functioned to assist businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively with highly automatic technology. Its main purpose is to cut down human resource expenses. Due to this value, we provide such a type of SaaS business product that could optimize our client’s sales, marketing, and customer care services to enhance stores’ performance and generate more revenue.
А successful SaaS app development starts for the global market, you’ll need to adapt your product so that more users can feel comfortable working with it. Otherwise, your unique value proposition may go unnoticed and your Saas company will miss out on business opportunities:

  1. It’s easy for people to navigate around your platform and use the program. 
  2. Improve communication by making in-app announcements easy to read and understand by any user. 
  3. Motivate users to adopt new features by presenting the benefits in clear messages. 
  4. You offer a highly-personalized experience, as users get to work in the languages of their choice instead of being forced to work in their second or third language.  

How to start a saas company

The decision to start developing SaaS company must be supported by user preferences, rivals’ abilities, and the particular nature of your app. If it isn’t, your chance of failing grows. To make your project succeed on the market, you need to know about the SaaS software development life cycle and keep these tips in mind:



1. Define Your Ideal Customer

2. Know how customers could use your app

3. Research Trends

4. Start Building a SaaS product

Stage - 1. Define Your Ideal Customer

Who will use your product? It’s important to answer this question because your value proposition directly depends on your buyer persona. Once you’ve found your target you must identify your weapon. If you know how your customer thinks, you know what they want today and also what they will want tomorrow.

Best practices related to SaaS technologies show that a proven way to become popular and profitable in the SaaS business is to invest time and energy in studying the needs of the target audience, along with the development and testing of new technologies. At the same time, there is a tendency to create niche products SaaS in the market.

Stage - 2. Know how customers could use your app

Keep researching the market and target audience and determine what competitive advantages you have over similar SaaS vendors. Then try to determine under what circumstances your product can be conveniently used by your potential customers. Think about anticipate user behavior, as well as situations where something is interfering with them.

Stage - 3. Research Trends

It is not easy to predict the future of such a dynamic market, but we can already identify some trends that will affect the SaaS development this year. Constantly tracking trends is an essential part of success. Identifying trends can help you improve your app and keep it relevant.

Stage - 4. Start Building a SaaS product

When you have passed the 3 previous steps – you got the most important knowledge about SaaS development. So the next step is SaaS development. For a full understanding of the process,  take a look at the main stages of Saas product development:

1. Discussion of the project. You explain to experts the purposes for which the software is created, its functionality, what tasks the user will solve, etc.

2. Pre-project studies. Analysts study the market the service will be designed for available analogs (including programs for downloading), needs of the target audience. After that, if necessary, they complement the concept with competitive advantages and submit it for approval.

3. Prototyping. Then, a prototype of the whole service is created, where the logic of its work and the interface structure are schematically displayed.

4. Development of the software part. Specialists create the architecture of the project and implement all its functionality.

5. Interface design creation. The unique design of the application is outlined, taking into account UI\UX. At that, specialists are guided first of all by convenience for future users.

6. Testing. Comprehensive check of all software product’s operability: different tools are tested, the correctness of integration with external services, protection quality is checked, as well as the correctness of work under different scenarios of interaction with the user is checked.

7. Support and training of the customer’s employees. After the product is ready, development specialists train the customer’s technical team in the main features of the service.

SaaS product development strategy

When you’re creating a SaaS product development strategy for your SaaS, you should focus on a product that sells itself. By using a company’s SaaS connection, the best way will be a possibility to self-service for your customers, it could not only increase profits but also reduce costs. 

The goal for the product is to demonstrate its direct value to the customer and to build trust. Product features, functionality, and consistent development are what marketers use to sell. The goal is to literally demonstrate the value of the product before asking the customer for commitment or money. The leading role of a product in this case goes to the marketing and sales process. It covers all activities, including product development. Products that continue to meet customer needs are successful. Product teams must listen to customers and lead the process of determining what changes need to be made to the product, what new features need to be added, and what is the primary value of the product to customers and how they can enhance that value. A product-based strategy is supported by all areas of the business. 

SaaS business development

The idea of business based on SaaS development is to optimize the resources of its clients. This approach helps startups and corporations remain profitable by investing zero capital in the development of customized technology solutions as well:

  • Lack of high initial investment in licenses, expensive equipment.
  • Minimum cost during the implementation phase.
  • Speed of implementation. As a rule, implementation of the service does not require additional preparations, which brings a maximum return on investment in the near future.
  • Access to the service via the Internet provides mobility. Work with the service is possible from any place where there is the Internet. This does not require the installation of software on a separate computer, as is the case with a licensed product. The workplace is not limited to a specific computer.
  • Ability to quickly and randomly change functionality.
  • Flexible and transparent payment system. The user can choose the required functionality (change it depending on the needs) and pay only for it. And in case of need, there is a possibility to temporarily suspend the service, the rent is not charged in this case. There is also a different payment scheme, the client has a choice.

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