Alexandre Rosenberg Jewellery

  • Started: June 2015
  • Ended: In progress
  • Stack of tech: Yii, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
  • Location: Alexandre Rosenberg Luxembourg
  • Client: Alexandre Rosenberg bijoux / jewelry
  • Link:

Project Info:

Alexandre Rosenberg Luxembourg jewelry house has come to us for a jewelry eCommerce website development, as they become from Luxemburg jewelry company to worldwide(Alexandre Rosenberg Paris jewelry department was started separately and after the main jewelry eCommerce website development services) The main Alexandre Rosenberg idea was to make a jewelry eCommerce website with online jewelry customization on the bord so every customer will get a unique product design made by himself. 

For ten years of existence, the Alexandre Rosenberg jewelry brand has grown its reputation. During 10 years Alexandre Rosenberg sharpened his technic by making gorgeous jewelry for the most prestigious and influential houses of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Alexandre Rosenberg jewelry web-store is taking the concept of jewelry customization to the new level.

Work Required

The client needed a new made user-friendly jewelry eCommerce website with userfriendly products customization. Jewelry eCommerce website development should also consist the handy backend to automate the process of managing products and sales. The final version of the webpage should suit eCommerce jewelry business trends and be easily maintainable or/and updatable in future.

Our Strategy

eCommerce for jewelry is not the easiest task, moreover, “Alexandre Rosenberg Luxembourg jewelry” is quite an experienced company so we will be faced with the huge variation of jewelry, and each one – should be customizable. We have tried to show all possible variants of custom jewelry design and give the buyer a chance to choose from different materials and forms on his/her own.

As the main operation process of Alexandre Rosenberg jewelry company is the manufacturing of custom jewelry, it should be easy to work with orders from this new jewelry eCommerce website. So the main requirement for us as for eCommerce website development services provider is to make two main things: userfriendly jewelry eCommerce website with high CR on the one hand and easy use CRM system( that will collect all information about the order from the customer, check the payment and push it to the manufacturing team) on the other.

% Increase In traffic
...times increase in sales
Implemented APIs

Top 3 Features:

Live customization

A platform where the clients could create fully custom jewellery by themselves.

eCommerce statistics

Implemented jewelry e-commerce statistics – one of the main instruments of sales.


Automated administrative system that helps care leads and convert them into the clients


Case Study

It was the case where the usage of an unusual decision helped us to gain high results and combine modern vision and the classic sphere of usage. The website has a clear design and the main accent is on the jewelry. It’s responsive and works fast in both mobile and desktop versions. How do we do it? There were 3 key specs – Clear design, deep integration eCommerce website, and CRM system, Automation on each stage.

The first one was a design of store-front and CRM systems according to requirements and functions. The interface of the eCommerce jewelry website should be made around the product – custom jewelry in our case, so the focus of attention is always on it and after that on other things. That’s why we have made a deep work on the design and 3D modeling for the customization, after that – we have to convert it to the userfriendly 2D customization. All the customization will be included in the final detailed order card in CRM so it will be clear for manufacturers to produce.

On the other end – the conversion rate for eCommerce is around 3-5%( for qualified traffic) so businesses will have 90+% of leads who have left the order or didn’t pay or million other reasons why not become a customer. In this case, you should have well mad integration with analytics tools, understand when we lose the leads, and communicate with them if it is possible. There could be 2 ways of further communication with leads who have visited your store page – remarketing tools of Google/Facebook or direct communication if we got contacts from lead and something went wrong after that. The second part of leads could be more interested and you should build strong communication flow with them – and here is the good task for an integrated CRM system. CRM system of jewelry eCommerce webpage – is the most underestimated thing in the jewelry eCommerce business.

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