Our Story.

All started almost ten years ago. We were two different teams – Axisbits and The Awesome Company(TAC) with 12 developers in total. Next years our cooperation was fruitful, so we organized a group from our companies – “TAC Axisbits Group” or TAG. For now, we have 47 current team members, and 35 of them are software developers.


Our founders have passed through developers’, team leaders’ and architects’ roles during their careers. It helps to build a strong team structure, hire really good architects and engineers and cover it with good management. That is why we develop applications with the right architecture from the start, saving resources, time and money.


We have three main directions: Web development, Mobile development and Consulting. In software development, we have strong expertise in Social Networks, E-Commerce, FinTech, CRM/ERP, SaaS, IoT and Multimedia processing fields. During 10 years of our practice, we have faced with a lot of cases (from typical to totally unstandard) and have done more than 1000 successful projects. These knowledge help us to consult and find the right decisions.


TAG is a full cycle development company. We create websites and services, systems and applications, platforms and bots from an idea to production. All stages, whether specification, estimation, development, testing or production, have been passed by us more than 1000 times and gave us strong expertise. We are focused on middle and small business, but also have experience in Enterprise solutions (we work with fortune 500 members). Every project is not an experiment for us, but a new challenge.

Web Development

From 2008 we have started to grow our own Web-development direction. During these years we have gathered a team of highly skilled and experienced developers and done more than 1000 projects, 800+ of them are websites for small business, 240+ are for midmarket and Enterprise.

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As for today, we have performed over 90+ projects for Android and iOS platforms. About 60% of them are long-term projects. We have rich experience in image processing, audio encoding, video streaming and rich text editing. We have an experience of native development in C/C++ when it’s impossible to achieve a needed result within Java or Kotlin only.

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If you only have an idea and don’t know where to start, or you are going to develop something in what you don’t have enough expertise – we have a decision. We could help you to find the way, how to make your ideas come true.

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Is it safety to tell you my idea?

We are always open to start our discussion from NDA, if it’s needed, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

There are several possible ways to make this barrier disappeared.

  1. Direct project manager
  2. Daily/Weekly meetings
  3. English speaking teams
  4. Direct chat with the team
  5. The same working hours(fully or partly)

All these ways help us to be closer to you, like if we were in the next room.

If you have only an idea – it’s always not easy to estimate the whole project by it. But a lot of typical projects have approximately similar prices, so we can share it with you after discussion. The more specific price will be known when the specification of your future project is ready. We could also make it for you in 1-3 days.

If you are going to get a dedicated developer the final cost always depends on seniority and salary expectations of the candidate. But we always trying to hire the best possible candidate for your budget.

During our practice, we have done more than 1000 projects. Several interesting projects you can find in our Portfolio here. A major part of our works are under NDA, so we can’t show you them all. But it does not mean that we have not got an experience during it. We would love to discuss your project and show you our expertise.

It’s important to know what is going on in your project right now. We are transparent, honest, and appreciate your trust. To let you be in the flow, or to react if anything disturbs you, we provide you next:

  1. Source code (Gitlab, Github)
  2. Project management dashboard (Trello, JIRA)
  3. Time reports
  4. Messenger to talk to your team

Sure thing. We respect our client’s privacy and don’t use their direct contacts without their approval. So if you need a reference  -just drop us a line and we’ll set up a call or connect you with our previous clients.

Yes. You can find TAG or our mother’s companies Axisbits or The Awesome Company on the Cluth and see what people say about us.

We provide every project with an encrypted directory and private repository. All development is carried out on local PCs in our office only and we don’t use remote resources. The probability of code leak is reduced to zero.

We provide every project with full project documentation. Your code will be written according to the standards and will contain comments – so you can continue to develop your project without any obstacles after the release.


“The team is highly qualified and stands out from other vendors I’ve worked with.”

Alex V Director of IT

“Axisbits(TAG) has been our partner for the past 4 years. Their team always challenges our software needs to find the most suitable solution and communication channels. We are extremely satisfied with the final products and project management skills of the team, so we’re looking forward to our next projects.”

Peter V Black Friday

“To me, the biggest advantage of working with them is that they’re not only focused on what they do best; they also brainstorm strategically about the business. I’ve wholeheartedly recommended them to people I know.”

Sybren R Founder, Nonprofit

“Their work has led to increased customer loyalty. Users highly appreciate the website’s performance, and they often mention that it has an easy and functional interface. I was impressed by their professional attitude and deep involvement in the project.”

Alexander R CEO, Artek SA

“We appreciated their commitment. They were always ready to help and added more developers or other specialists if we needed them. Their services and communication skills were excellent.”

Willem K CTO, Online Retailer

“They took a unique interest in our business needs, offered useful suggestions and put in a consistent effort to make our product better. Project management was very impressive throughout the entire process. The communication was on point, and our deadlines were always met.”

Current Client Treveling

“They gave us the ability to manage our assets and the way that we create products for this tool to be very dynamic. We can approach the program directly and visually, as opposed to before when we had to connect with our provider every time we had a problem.”

Current Client FiberGlass

“I worked with Maxim [Founder] five years ago, that’s why I decided to work with him again. I know he can provide the exact required services.”

Viktor D Independent Consulting