Hi, we are looking for talented developers.

We are looking for talented developers who will represent Ukraine as an expert country in the software development market with us. For 9 years we have been working with the markets of the USA, Europe, Israel, Australia and strengthen the opinion of Ukraine as an intellectually rich country, whose specialists create the best applications in the world. We are located in Kharkiv – the historical intellectual center of Ukraine in which there are almost 300,000 students and more than 30% of them are technical specialties. We help young and talented developers find interesting jobs and expand their area of ​​influence far beyond Ukraine. We are for the preservation of intellectual wealth in Ukraine and the popularization of our experts in the world market. We believe that a person with an honest desire to develop can reach incredible professional heights, and we are ready to help in this. Working with us is based on mutually beneficial interests. We support the ambitious initiatives of our employees. We are demanding agreements and obligations, but fair in remuneration. We will not force but will always support. We work in service and product areas. The teams are staffed according to flexible methodologies. The work is organized and standardized. The experience we have gained will strengthen you as a specialist and allow you to develop harmoniously as an expert.

Open vacancies

We are currently looking for:
  1. 3x Android developers
  2. 2x Java Back-end developers
  3. 2x Project Managers
  4. 2х iOs developers

Android developer

For projects in the areas of FinTech, Data Analysis, Sports.


  • Work in the Project team;
  • Project task assessment;
  • Interaction with project participants (managers, analysts, QA);
  • Work with reporting systems;
  • Direct Interaction with the customer.


  • 2+ years of experience in native Android development;
  • Applications in Java / Kotlin;
  • Participate in the publication of apps in the Google Play Market;
  • Knowledge of Android SDK (4.1+);
  • Confident experience at Kotlin;
  • Understanding of OOP, SOLID, and Data structures;
  • Understanding Client-server architecture;
  • Knowledge in the field of Flexible development methodologies;
  • Experience with Gradle and similar;
  • Experience with programming patterns;
  • Experience using bug tracking and version control systems.
  • A level of English is sufficient for verbal communication.


  • Teamwork;
  • Task planning;
  • Scoring the project task by importance;
  • Participation in the creation of architectures (preferably);
  • Productivity at remote work;
  • Punctuality and obligation;
  • Responsibility (according to estimates and deadlines);
  • Critical thinking and optimization of work;

Important! When leaving a request, please mark the vacancy that interests you, as well as a link to your personal Gitlab and Resume. Our manager will contact you within 48 hours.

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iOs Developer

We are now looking for an iOS Engineer to join our engineering team.

You will have the opportunity to work on interesting internal and external projects, as well as become one of the key team members in the mobile application development department.

Extensive experience in mobile application development and the ability to work in a team, as well as the willingness to help colleagues with various tasks and questions, will make you the best candidate.


  • Develop applications of different complexity
  • Write clean, efficient, scalable, and testable code
  • Maintain quality and ensure the responsiveness of applications
  • Support existing codebase, bug fixing
  • Optimize application for best performance and user experience
  • Communicate with PM and the customer
  • Mentoring junior devs, code reviewing
  • Participating in sales activities
  • Following iOS community trends and bringing them up into the company
  • Providing estimates for tasks and whole projects
  • Work with task tracking systems
  • Possibly participating in hiring other devs, interviewing

What we’re looking for:

  • At least 2 years of solid industry experience developing iOS apps
  • Familiarity with functional and reactive programming concepts(RxSwift)
  • Familiarity and strong experience with REST, GraphQL, WebSocket, Git
  • Understanding of security best practices
  • Excellent knowledge of data structures, algorithms, design patterns, enterprise architecture, and software engineering principles
  • Good communication skills
  • Good understanding of mobile and iOS pipelines using CI tools
  • Previous direct communication with international clients
  • Strong organizational, time management, and analytical skills
  • At least Intermediate English level
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Project Managers

If you are looking for a job as a project manager in a company that works on interesting projects with European, Israeli, and American customers – maybe this vacancy is for you!

We are a service company and have been working with startups and companies in the fields of finance, e-commerce, sports, and the Internet of Things for 9 years. Due to the expansion of project teams, we are looking for two Project Managers (PM)


  • During quarantine – remote work. After quarantine – work in the office in the center;
  • Schedule for the quarantine period 9-00 – 18-00 (including re-time);
  • National holidays of Ukraine;
  • Work in the project team and direct communication with the customer;
  • Training (participation in trainings and seminars);
  • Corporate parties (hiking, rafting, karting, and other activities).


  • Find out the requirements of the customer;
  • Plan and coordinate the work of the project team;
  • Manage the process of development, setting tasks, deadlines, check the results of work.
  • Get feedback on the tasks performed and their processing;
  • Prepare monthly reports;
  • Participate in pre-sale and up-sale;
  • Provide qualitative risk analysis;
  • Be a resource and personnel manager, actively participate in planning the necessary hiring in collaboration with the recruitment team.


  • At least 1.5 years of commercial experience in project management;
  • Understanding the software development life cycle;
  • Confident knowledge of project management processes, methodologies, and tools;
  • Risk management skills;
  • Leadership qualities;
  • Negotiation and problem-solving skills;
  • Good understanding of the corporate environment and goals; the ability to propose solutions to achieve them;
  • Good communication and presentation skills for effective communication with clients and project teams;
  • The level of English is at least above average.

Important! When leaving an application, please indicate the vacancy that interests you, as well as a link to the Resume. Our manager will contact you within 48 hours.

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