Kitco app – Gold Live case study.

  • Started: 2015
  • Ended: Ongoing
  • Stack of tech: Kotlin, Java, Android SDK, JNI MVP, RxAndroid, Retrofit, SQLite, Gradle, Swift, UIKit, MVVM, RxSwift C/C++ SQLite"
  • Location: Canada
  • Client: Kitco
  • Link:

Project Summary

Gold Live is a Kitco app – an informational application that provides the user with the latest precious metals, oil, stock indices, currencies and cryptocurrencies quotes and the news related to this topic. The native Android app is based on Kotlin/Java and the iOS app has Swift as a core technology. Kitco app allows its users to view the information in the most satisfying way by setting up widgets on their smartphone home screen and customizing both in-app tabs and push notifications.

Kitco app Work Required

When Kitco became our partner in 2015 it already was a well-known media that covered everything on precious metals trading and mining. Kitco also provided their web site visitors with the latest currency exchange rates, stock market indices changes, and articles delivering extra knowledge.

Actually, Kitco Inc. already had mobile apps ScrapIt! and Metalynx that worked as a scrap gold calculator and a jewelry-making planner. The point of our cooperation was developing Gold Live! – an app to deliver the information from Kitco resources to the user in the most efficient way.


Our Strategy

Having studied the requirements and client’s vision we came up with the idea of native Android and iOS apps with the intuitive UI and home screen customization settings so the user could get the most important numbers in one glance.

We used Java and Kotlin as central piece technologies for the Android app and Swift for iOS. Although it required using UIKit for iOS, we’ve managed to develop a user-friendly interface that allowed displaying the great number of metrics and Kitco charts in the easiest to get a way. Actually, we delivered an optimal connection between apps and website data by using API. It made sure the updates of any sort of data like Kitco news or gold index will be processed in time.

One of the most important features was customization. The user is enabled to set his Kitco Gold Live! screen due to their preferred interests. Moreover, the user can set the level of index/price change. If the increase or decrease of a picked metric reaches the chosen level the user gets a push notification. In addition, our team developed a widget to be put on your smartphone home screen. That’s how Gold Live! keeps its users aware.

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Case Study

We have to confess that development of an informational app is not a problem for us. Kitco project is about making simple things the best possible way.

We used quite a common stack of technologies and all the menus available at app represent the pages of the original website. Actually, it’s a thorough performance of our team that developed a comfortable mobile version of a famous online media. We can track the result of our work by numbers – 500K+ installs on Google Play

How to Use

There are 5 basic tabs available to you when you open Kitco app.

Home tab allows you to look through exchange rates for a various set of positions like base metals or gold. Market indices are shown here, too. This screen can be customized by you. You can pick positions that are relevant to you and their measurement and currency.

Markets tab speaks for itself. You can check London Fix quotes, pick Mining Stocks to follow updates on them, get info on Spot Gold, Currencies, Cryptocurrencies and see some Live Charts. Kitco Gold Index is also available here.

All latest news, commentaries, and press releases are displayed at the News tab.

Alert settings can be found in the Alerts tab. You set your Kitco Gold Live! app to notify you about breaking news and send you market reports on a picked time.

In Settings, you can adjust some General settings to make your interaction with the Kitco app more comfortable, set the widget, and live notification bar.

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