Mobile Conference app

  • Started: April 2013
  • Ended: March 2014
  • Stack of tech: Java, PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL
  • Link: NDA

Project Summary:

“Conference Schedule” is a mobile conference app that combines functions of the social network, event calendar and messenger. The main idea was to help business people meet each other and start communication. So you could create your own profile, monitor important events and take a part in it as a visitor or a speaker. Also, there is an admin side for the event organizers and an online payment system with a premium subscribe option. The project was acquired in 2016.

Work Required

The customer needed a social network based app with 3 different types of members(Event makers, speakers, visitors), events profiles, calendar, payment system and messenger.

The system should be based on native Android and has a lite web version. The app should be lightweight and has a clear intuitive design. Integration with Facebook was also required.

Our Strategy

After analyzing customer’s requirements we have created 3 different types of user-profiles: Event makers, speakers, visitors. Also, we had to organize an API for partnership-system. As we wanted to build a user-friendly system we implemented a feed for users where each of them could choose what conference’s or event’s news he wants to know first and participate.


Top 3 Features:


The unique platform for informing a relevant community

World wide service

Global payment services and booking

Strong relations

An active community with shared interests and a strong level of loyalty


Case Study

When we were developing an app the community had 1500 users. During the next 3 months, 37 events and conferences were placed in app and community has grown to 5000 members. The wall between speakers and visitors of events was broken. The community became more loyal and start to follow the speakers from conference to conference.  After 6 months, we had increased the number of sold tickets in application 5 times(comparing with the start period). The number of monthly visited events per user grows from 0.6 to 1.25. 


Author Experience

“They took a unique interest in our business needs, offered useful suggestions and put in a consistent effort to make our product better. Project management was very impressive throughout the entire process. The communication was on point, and our deadlines were always met.”

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