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Why do we talk about the Essential Traits of Java Development Company?

There is no secret that billions of devices around us are running on the Java platform and as a result of such Java development popularity – there are many Java Development Companies. It explains why Java is one of the most popular choices when it comes to software development. However, for a business owner who is ready to push his company forward by getting a Java application, software, or a service, the picking problem appears: ‘How to choose a Java Development Company to partner with?’.  

Ability to organize Java Software Development Services

It is clear the business partners with Java Development Companies to reach certain business goals. On top of that, the customer can be in a hurry as their profits depend on the app delivery time. For instance, chronometric like ‘time to market’ matter when the business aims to take over a particular niche and finds a Java Software Development Company for this work. So, it is important for the Java Developer Company to organize an efficient process that engages the client to optimize the workflow and deliver the best possible time to market. That’s why at TAGSoft we use Agile methodologies to stay both flexible and productive during the Java development process.

Actually, if the Java Development Company makes an effort to develop a better understanding of the client’s domain it increases the chances of the project being completed in time. It also includes creating a risk log and providing proper risk management. According to PMI’s ‘Pulse of the Profession: The High Cost of Low Performance’ the losses of organizations today total $109 mln for every billion spent on the project.

We believe it’s too risky for all stakeholders to jump into the development process without discovering enough information on its environment, project goals, and the customer’s expectations. So, there is an established process of researching the project’s domain and improving mutual understanding with the client by collecting requirements, discussing prototypes, and other activities that helps TAGSoft to provide Java Software Development Services successfully.

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The secureness of Java Application Development

It was mentioned earlier Java has one of the most impressive security features among programming languages which surely impacts the secureness of Java Application Development products. It is critical because Java applications are either downloaded across the network and used on local devices or supposed to accelerate the business as Java Enterprise Software. So, it’s absolutely natural for the client to expect a trustworthy output from Java Application Development specialists. 

We can back this clients’ desire by numbers. For instance, fraud losses worldwide are expected to grow by up to $35.67 billion by 2023. We mentioned this and many more facts in our blog ( No surprise, the business owners care a lot about security issues when choosing their Java Development Company.

Security areas:
  • Cryptography
  • Public key infrastructure
  • Secure communication
  • Authentication process
  • Access control

Java security proves

Also, according to the research done by WhiteSource, the total number of critical vulnerabilities in open-source projects tends to decrease over the past couple of years regardless of the programming language used. So, it wouldn’t be correct to claim a certain technology ‘the safest’ but the secureness of your app depends on the proficiency of the developers. For example, if your Java Developer Company mitigates the vulnerabilities throughout the SDLC and follows major quality standards like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, ISO:9001 the chances to get a secure app are quite high

At TAGSoft we brought together a team of solid Java professionals who know how to use a variety of Java tools to its fullest potential to deliver software free from the security vulnerabilities associated with the projects or applications. 

So, we are confident that the optimal solutions will be found by our specialists and the outcome of our Java Application Development process will be trustworthy.

Software Development in Java

The knowledge of the technology and passion for coding in Java are good qualities but it’s not enough to guarantee a Software Development result that satisfies the client’s needs. Experience is a trait that matters. And it’s easy to get why: if the Java Development Company has already done it, it can do it again. Then, should we claim the team that has done the most projects the best? The answer is ‘No’.

The point is that not only the number of projects matters but the reflection and case studies as well. The Java Development Company should study the work done by its professionals to learn the best practices and increase the team’s efficiency on the next projects. At TAGSoft we do a serious job of extracting our most efficient solutions and making conclusions from more than 360 projects we have already delivered.

We also publish our case studies in our Portfolio. For instance, you can check the WODProof project done by our specialists where Java was one of the core technologies (

Of course, overall development experience is good but if you bring a particular idea to partner with the Java Software Development Company for its realization you’re going to need a specific skill set and expertise in a certain field. 

What applications can be build with Java?
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Desktop GUI Applications.
  • Web-based Applications.
  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Scientific Applications.
  • Gaming Applications.
  • Big Data technologies.
  • Business Applications.

Java Web Development

Our Java Web Development professionals are experienced at producing solid Java backend, designing intuitive UI, and providing cutting-edge resource management solutions. No surprise we deliver reliable and innovative Web applications. 

Java Custom Software Development

As a Java Software Development company with significant expertise, we believe different problems require different tools. That’s why some of your business objectives are best completed with the right custom technological solution.

Our full-cycle Java Development Team provides you with unique software aligned to your business goals. Our expertise at developing CRM, ERP, IoT, social networking, multimedia processing, eCommerce, eLearning systems allows our clients to benefit from using solutions delivered by Java programming professionals, UX/UI designers, and QA testers of TAGSoft.

Tools we use
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans
  • Spring
  • Java Server Faces (JSF)
  • Tomcat
  • JUnit
  • Cucumber-JVM
  • Spock
  • Git
  • Jenkins

Java Mobile Development

At TAGSoft, our expert at Java programming developers create fast, feature-packed, and lightweight mobile apps that can be multi-platform or native to Android. As a Java Development Company, we aim to fulfill the needs of the business by producing mobile apps tailored to the client’s requirements.

J2EE Development

As a Java development company, we work with exceptional enterprise solutions by using the J2EE platform to its full potential. Mainly, our clients are small and medium enterprises but we also worked with some of Fortune500 members. So, our experience in Enterprise Java Application Development speaks for ourselves. TAGSoft Java Development Services are all about building useful apps to help your company operate with more benefits.

Java App Support & Maintenance

Sometimes getting an app is not enough for starting working with it. That’s why our Java professionals are ready to help you by setting up and running your Java application. We use the best practices to manage performance and provide app support services so you can be sure the solution you’ve got meets your expectations.

Practices we use
  • Syncing with the latest policies and regulations
  • Implementing new processes and functionalities
  • Hardware, OS or supporting platforms adaptation
  • Software improvement due to business realities changes

Java Migration & Integration

Periodically we receive requests from companies that want to migrate their existing business platform to Java. So, our experienced Java professionals are ready to help not only with migration but with the integration to the Java system as well. As a Java Development Company, we provide safe importing, exporting, and migrating of your data.

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