• Started: March 2016
  • Ended: in progress
  • Stack of tech: Kotlin, Swift, OpenGL, PHP( Yii2), MongoDB
  • Location: Israel
  • Link: http://wodproofapp.com/

Project summary:

WodProof is a native iOS/Android application that helps athletes record competitive videos with chronometry to compete in CrossFit competitions. The application uses OpenGL functionality and realizes real-time video processing. The remote control is possible with a fitness wristband. The second appointment is a social network of athletes based on the application. For today, the application has been installed more than 40 000 times and has 19 000+ active users of the social network. It supports by CrossFit Superstars as Patrick Vellner, Tia-Clair Toomey, Thuri Helgadottir and others.

Work Required:

The previous team could not cope with the task. We have analyzed requirements, previous mistakes and determined that the application should work quickly, be intuitive and could be managed by the user himself without outside help. The design should be simple and clean.

Our Strategy

It was decided to increase the functionality of the application gradually with each subsequent release. The application was gradually optimized, and performance – improved. This allowed to cover users of old and less productive devices. At the same time, we were developing an original fitness wristband. As soon as we started the function of counting exercise circles in the application, the original bracelet control was realized. The next step was to compare two videos and release a fully updated version of the application. Since then, the application has become a social network.


Redesigned everything from the Scratch

Real-time video processin

Working on old devices as well as on modern.

Remote device control

You could control your video recording and customize it from your wristband.

International Sport community

There are more than 19 000 athletes from all over the world in Wodproof community.


Case Study

We have proven in practice that the success of the application depends on the choice of the right architecture and the good strategy.

Customer comment

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