WodProof – international CrossFit app

  • Started: March 2016
  • Ended: in progress
  • Stack of tech: Kotlin, Swift, OpenGL, PHP( Yii2), MongoDB
  • Location: Israel
  • Link: http://wodproofapp.com/

Project summary:

WodProof is a native iOS/Android application that helps athletes record competitive videos with chronometry to compete in CrossFit competitions. The application uses OpenGL functionality and realizes real-time video processing. The remote control is possible with a Wodproof band wristband. The second appointment is a social network of athletes based on the application. For today, the application has been installed more than 200 000 times and has 120 000+ active users in the social network. It supports by CrossFit Superstars as Patrick Vellner, Tia-Clair Toomey, Thuri Helgadottir and others.

Work Required:

It’s not surprising online phase of competition became useful over the last decade as it enables anyone to take part without bringing a whole crowd to a certain location. The participants record themselves completing a required set of exercises on video, the judges have to approve the attempt is legit and rate it. The process in Crossfit may look simple but it had several difficulties like a demand for athletes to somehow record a clock (often an analog one) because it was the only way to prove an honest attempt. Imagine what a task it is – to place yourself working out and the clock so the camera can shoot both! Moreover, there was no special platform for online competitions which implied many people had problems with uploading their videos. WODProof app Founder Adam is one of the participants of such events who experienced all the discomfort of dealing this way. That’s why WODProof had to enable users to record competitor videos with all the essential metrics being automatically tracked and added on the screen. Then the users had to be able to upload their workout to compete or just to share with the community all around this kind of sport. But it is still not comfortable to operate with your phone when you are doing your WOD so the WodProof band – is more than a necessary thing for the athlete who is training hard and count their time.

Our Strategy

The previous development partner of WODProof couldn’t deliver the project. So we had to develop the whole system backend from zero. Our team chose Java, Kotlin, and Spring as core technologies because we wanted the WodProof app to be reliable and stable( as any mobile app should be). We wanted the user to be free of worries when recording a workout. In 2016 there was no cross-platform technology to perform smooth video processing. That’s why we decided to develop 2 separate native apps using Java, Kotlin for Android and Swift, Objective C for iOS. Also, we chose C/C++ for some modules so the WODProof app can use smartphone resources like cameras and Bluetooth more efficiently. Actually, the key feature – real-time video rendering – required using OpenGL ES and FFMPEG. Rendering video in real-time solve other big problem – after processing of video needs a lot of smartphone resources and time, and not every smartphone have enough power to do it quickly. The task wasn’t easy at that time, but we have chouse a winning strategy for this challenge.


Redesigned everything from the Scratch

Real-time video processin

Working on old devices as well as on modern.

Remote device control

You could control your video recording and customize it from your WodProof band.

International Sport community

There are more than 200 000 athletes from all over the world in Wodproof community.


Case Study

All in all, WODProof stands out with the diversity of tasks needed to accomplish. That’s why it was important for us to bring together a versatile team. Plus very certain expertise was demanded from the developers as they had to work not only on Android/iOS WODProof apps but on IoT area (WODProof Band) too. No surprise, a Tech Lead handled balancing and controlling different directions of the development process. We can conclude our team did its job and delivered the system’s Backend, Android, and iOS apps, and Landing page for WODProof. Today it is a market-leading (100K+ Google Play installs) sports app accepted and highly praised by online workout organizations worldwide.

WODProof app enables people to record and apply smooth competitor videos easily, adjust your workouts with the calendar so you can plan your activities ahead, and review what you’ve done in past. Moreover, it created a strong community where you can find a team for collective workouts, practice with the coach or be a coach yourself, join famous competitions like Go League and Rowing Challenge, or study workouts at Academy. WODProof continues to grow and improve so everyone could prove themselves.

How to Use

To start benefiting from WODProof you can connect your WODProof Band to your app via Bluetooth by following simple 3-step instruction. To find it just go to the WODProof Band menu in your profile. A WODProof Band allows you to control the process of video recording, start and stop the clock, track the rounds of your workout – all remotely. Moreover, you can set custom vibration settings to inform you whether you keep up with your pace. So, WODProof Band is a device designed to let you focus on the proper workout execution.

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