IoT development

It's time to make a business in IoT

Look around the room – every thing can become something more. And, quite possibly, tomorrow it is someone’s future business. Kettle, vacuum cleaner, glasses and who knows what else is becoming more interactive. In the 21st century, we are used to living easier and morally ready to forget about routine. Forward to a comfortable life, we will go along with IoT. IoT (Internet of Things) – this is when ordinary physical objects upgrade to smart ones that can be controlled and controlled through a certain noosphere (Internet is suitable for now).

Whether you need smart resources, predictive maintenance, and service, or the integration of sensor and business data, our IoT department can help you discover new opportunities that will transform your business. TAGSoft creates intelligent IoT solutions that will help you build new business models, increase profits and improve customer service.

TAGSoft & IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a turning point in industries. Connected businesses can compete with new and nimble competitors, open up additional revenue opportunities and rethink their customer experience. Using IoT technology, TAGSoft creates new platforms, business applications, and end-to-end vertical solutions.

Our key expertise is focused on:

  • Embedded Development
  • Firmware development
  • Cloud-based IoT
  • Wearable devices
  • Smart Home

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Smart Home

TAGSoft has practical experience in developing Smart Home and implementing technologies for image recognition, voice, analysis of energy consumption, gas or water to create Smart home systems for:

  • Security
  • Emergency
  • Engineering systems
  • Home robots

Wearable IoT

The successful wearable IoT device has to be more than just a “cool IoT device.” It must be affordable and reliable. Its operation cannot interfere with other devices and it must be immune from interference itself. It must strike the perfect balance between functionality and energy efficiency to ensure long battery life. As you work to create the next “hot” wearable, TAGSoft is here to ensure it delivers the power efficiency and functionality needed to stand out from the crowd.

Industrial automation IoT

Prevent crashes, increase uptime, optimize production, analyze its data in real-time, wherever you are.

We are increasing the opportunities for enterprises in the manufacturing, transport, agricultural and real estate sectors to optimize their equipment maintenance strategies using industrial IoT solutions and advanced analytics. We organize remote control of production systems and optimize their work based on data analytics.

IoT Applications

All IoT devices collect and access critical data for working seamlessly and remaining in sync with different gadgets and equipment. In this process, the IoT system can give you valuable insights. You can utilize this information to taking real-time decisions and making your complex business processes simple and the best way to manage it – is a connected mobile app.