• Started: December 2016
  • Ended: June 2017
  • Stack of tech: PHP, CSS3, MySQL, Yii-2, Angular2, PostgreSQL
  • Location: USA
  • Link:

Project Info:

There are dozens of social networks in use that connect friends, classmates, coworkers, and associates. But those networks assume that one crucial step has already taken place – that users know the names of the people they’re connecting with. MetKnow is designed to fill this gap and let people know each other in an easy gaming way.

Work Required

This time, the startup company asked us to help them develop their brand new application. There are several parts of the system – landing page, users’ area, admin panel and an API for the mobile application. Everything should work with one code-and database. Of course, both the web part and the mobile app must have a clean and modern design.

Our Strategy

Our designer created a modern and responsive interface. For the back-end, we chose PHP and popular Laravel framework. To reduce the time for developing web and mobile apps, we used the same API for both, with client-side written on Angular2



Responsive design

Powerful Layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

Integration with mobile App

We made both web and mobile platforms and connect it all with API


Optimized code that is completely customizable and delivers unmatched fast performance.


Case Study

It was a curious task, where we used popular social functions for an unusual case. We proved in practice that, at first sight, trivial tasks can be associated with unexpected difficulties, but good management helped to keep within the time frame.

Author Experience

“They gave us the ability to manage our assets and the way that we create products for this tool to be very dynamic. We can approach the program directly and visually, as opposed to before when we had to connect with our provider every time we had a problem.”

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