• Started: March 2016
  • Ended: April 2017
  • Stack of tech: Java, Python, OpenCV, Pars
  • Location: Great Britain
  • Link: under NDA

Project Info:

There are a lot of thematic social networks around the world and it helps us to find co-thinker and communicate with them. Communication – is one of the most important and needed things for humans, so we had a great mission to gather people together. We have done an android application according to customer requirements – to use only Pars and OpenCV as a back-end base. There were several reasons for this and the mine of them was a tight budget and terms – we should be ready up to yearly Motorshow and the marketing campaign should start a month before it. The application was ready in time.

Work Required

Our customer was needed a social network app, where would be realized such functions as bike owner’s profile, bike profile, bike story feed, communication system, document recognizing function and cloud storage for media files.

Our Strategy

As we had to work with OpenCV and Pars – there was a lot of things we should pay attention. Pars had several limits and unusual structure of the database, so we should make a system according to them.

x increase in community

Top 3 Features:

Image processing

There is possible to make a photo of any document or bill, process it and save to your bike storage.

Strong community

We have built a strong platform for the new community.

Ready for Advertise

The system is fully ready for monetisation and ads


Case Study

It was one of the first image processing related projects and it was inspired us to the new challenges in multimedia processing.

Author Experience

Our customer was happy to get his app in time so he had enough time for marketing before motorshow.

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