Football Fan’s app

  • Started: March 2014
  • Ended: June 2014
  • Stack of tech: Java, C++, PHP, Custom view
  • Client: NDA

Project Info:

The project was done in very short terms by a team of 3 our developers. The official app for a football club, with club’s news, match reports and online selling tickets platform. There was also implemented a free Club TV: all the latest club video including extended highlights, press conferences, news, interviews and features. Users could see all actual information about the club including live match pics and score updates. For the biggest fans, there is a Calendar and function of it downloading to your google calendar.


Work Required

Our mission was to build an android app that could work with existing APIs and the main database. There was iOS ready application, so design and UX with all the features should be totally the same. We had only 3 months for developing and testing and we couldn’t lose the terms.

Our Strategy

There were several non-standard issues that were needed to be done. One of them – dynamic blur filter. The basic java functions couldn’t make it enough quick as we needed. So we develop one of the modules on C++ and implement it. The second one – a light-weight news feed, so we have made a custom view and logic.

App downloads

Top 3 Features:

Custom view

Fully custom view based on Twitter and web feeds.

Low-level development

To get a visual and UX identity with an iOS app, the visual module was made in C++.

Custome callendare functions

Fully custom calendar functions and view.


Case Study

It was a small project with big ambitions and a challenge for us. Since we mast to work with low-level coding for Android we have had an experience in it. Also, we must say, that some projects could be much harder than they could appear from the first look.

Author Experience

” It was a pleasure to work with Yevgen and his team. It was our first deal but not the last one, for sure. The app was ready just in time, so we had enough time for marketing before our the most viewed match of the year. It was was good business, that starts with one small friendly reference. Thank you, guys! “

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