Do you need a box CRM( as Zoho, SalesForce, Zebra etc.) or own custom CRM?( Case examples)

There are so many ads of CRM mastodons as Zoho, SalesForce, Dynamics, Zebra, and a lot others around us. But do you need that box CRM’s or it’s better to build your own custom? Does box CRMs so useful for your needs, and is it possible to adapt it to your business need at all( and don’t spend tons of dollars and thousands of hours)? Let’s try to catch some important questions and think about them.

Times change, many terrible things as COVID and crisis has happened, but one thing remains the same, how to:

  •   Improve customer service?
  •   Back in the door with your client?
  •   Keep your data safe?
  •   Better understand and improve the sales process?
  •   Help your team become more organized and more effective?
  •   Develop a more effective strategy to attract potential customers?

  So, as you might imagine, all these questions could be solved by a properly selected system. Our goal is to clarify some common misconceptions about CRM system integration. We consider different cases of using it in business and our own work examples.

What benefits can it bring to your company?

According to The Rockefeller Corporation statistics, 82% of customers leave, believing that their needs are not cared for enough. The data collected by Forrester Research showed that a correctly implemented CRM system can provide a stunning business investment return of  245%. This data shows how important computer CRM tools are for business. Probably because of the proven high return on investment, the use of CRM systems by the current 2020 has already become the norm for business.

 Let’s find it referring to our last CRM project for Goodwille. This company helps any kind of business expand into the UK. After long research and analysis, they have made a resolution that any of existing box CRM will not cower their needs of automation and integrations. There was an option with Salesforce, to adapt it and make a huge rebuild of sales funnel automation, but the price was much bigger than to build own CRM.


Our client has created a wide network of partners,  a  number of operations had to be performed manually – it took a lot of time. We took into account all the wishes of the customer and refined the CRM system, automated document management and combined all the data and software solutions “under one roof”.

For example, the concurrent companies of Goodwille work in an old-fashioned way: receive applications more often by phone, and the social network checks only a couple of times a day. As a result, the client waits for hours, doesn’t get the answer and goes on a search again.

In the Goodwille case, the client visits the company page where managers work in the CRM-system.

As soon as the request is received, the CRM sends a notification to the manager and he immediately consults the customer directly through the CRM interface. Later the system will remind the manager to send him an invitation to sign the contract. And then CRM itself will send the client notifications about the status of the request.

The result:

  •  Loyal customers
  •  More leads 
  •  Increase in repeat sales
  •  Growing conversation indicator

Better leads processing

Very often entrepreneurs think that business success depends on the flow of customers. The more calls and requests we have, the more money we have. Actually, that’s not only the one point. In order to make a deal and get your profit, a company has to learn how to proceed with incoming requests with high quality and on time.


According to the latest CRM analysis of reports, businesses nowadays have realized the impact CRM software has on Marketing. Whether it’s about taking advantage of segmentation features to build shared groups of customer targets and enhance the messaging of campaigns, or profiting from the opportunity pipeline and campaign reporting. With CRM, you can fulfill your business objectives by providing yourself a deeper fact-based insight into your customers and prospects. CRM gives a detailed look at the opportunity pipeline which can be aligned with every opportunity to a specific marketing campaign.

The result:

  •  ensure the processing of lids
  •  get rid of chaos, confusion at the stages of the transaction
  •  highly reduce the conversion
  •  no suspended clients 



Personal flow for each client in CRM

We are used to having our desires predicted, and after-sales support is available at any time of day or night. All this is almost impossible to implement without a CRM-system, because it has a separate card with complete information about the buyer for each client:

– contacts;

– customer information (car brand, birthday, children, preferences, etc.);

– call records and letters;

– files and documents;

– purchase and payment history;

– managers’ notes and task history.



The result:

  • You can view the entire history of working with the client in a couple of minutes
  • Unified database
  • Forget about stickers, notebooks and Excel spreadsheets.


 Boxed or custom. What to choose?

CRM systems can be divided into two large groups: boxed products (ready-made solutions) and custom CRM. What to choose? – It depends on your business objectives and the requirements that CRM must meet.

Boxed CRM: You can start working after purchasing a license. The system is updated both automatically, via the Internet and manually. The disadvantage of boxed CRM is standard functionality. At first glance, there are a lot of functions (sometimes even too much), but in fact, you will not need some at all and the other vital to your business, will be missing.

Custom CRM: The developers will give you a ready solution. The system will take into account the company’s strategic development plans, and if necessary, CRM functionality can be expanded in any direction.

It is believed that boxed CRM systems have lower cost and faster start. It is possible, but they are not easy to adapt to specific business processes. Some modifications are acceptable, but they will require time and money (remember the saying “cheapest is the dearest”).


CRM integration

Boxed CRM: The system integrates the supplier. And if you plan to cope with your own forces, you can’t do it without technical knowledge or technical specialists.

Custom CRM: The developers will implement the system and train your employees, integrate CRM with the company’s IT infrastructure.


Protection of information 

Boxed CRM: Data protection is the responsibility of the CRM owner. 

Custom CRM: The data can be stored on the developer’s servers (and will be accessible only for your company) or on your servers.


Advantages of the integration of custom CRM evaluated SmartReno(see more). It is the leading resource for assisting people it finding qualified and available contractors to complete their renovation project.

The challenge was to create a CRM system to automate the process of working with clients. It should manage every step of the sale process – from qualification to invoicing, store data of every customer, automatically perform workflow rules and actions and integrate it with other business processes of the company. There was no chance to integrate any existing box-CRM and as we will create the whole system from scratch, develop CRM and the main system like one decision – was the best way to get an optimized system with complex automation.



So after all, CRM – is not only a fashion word nowadays. All businesses split into two types – successful, who use automation and CRM systems, and all others. CRMs – must-have things for all businesses that are connected to sales and have sales pipelines. We recommend you, first of all, evaluate your business, find the pros and cons of sales and make the most profitable choice.

If you have a simple and classic sales funnel and it’s not designed for big sales- the best decision for you will be boxed CRM.

If we are talking about big sales, own platform, or if you need your CRM to be integrated with erp, e-commerce or any other system right for you will be a custom variant. Due to this you can save on staff, future processes and avoid mistakes in wrong integration.